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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 2-11-1927.

Meeting of working committee held November 2nd, 1927.

Present : Messrs J. Stephens, F. Williams, SL Stephens and L. Skentlebery.
Mr Sergent of Venland was also present by request, and a discussion took place with reference to the ownership of the cemetery hedges. Mr Sergent met the committee most courteously - offering no objection to the trimming of the hedges and promising to assist the trustees in their endeavour to keep them in repair.
1. That the secretary write to the managers of the school and complain of the nuisance caused by the fowls kept on their premises.
2. That concert given by local talent to be held on the second Friday in December.
3. That there be refreshments at the end.
4. That the Annual Meeting be held on Wednesday November 16th.
5. That the secretary secure the use of school room for the concert at once.
6. That the secretary make what preliminary arrangements he can, and report progress to the Annual Meeting.


Trustee Minute

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