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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 16-11-1927.

Annual Meeting held November 16th, 1927.

Present : Messrs F. Dawe, F. Williams, J. Stephens, J. Mitchell, T Whiting, A J. Phillips, W. Bray and L. Skentlebery.
1. That Mr Dawe be chairman.
2. That the minutes of the last annual meeting be signed as read.
3. That the wives of the trustees form the committee for refreshments in connection with the concert on the ninth promimo, and that they be called together with the working party on Monday, December 5th.
4. That the balance sheet be passed.
5. That the treasurer and secretary be thanked for their services and re-elected.
6. That the working committee be re-elected.
7. That Mr R. J. Cowling be elected trustee in place of J. Stanaway-deceased.
8. That Mr H. Dawe Be elected trustee in place of Mr T. Smith, resigned
9. That Mr C. Crowle be trustee in place of Mr E. Batten.
10. That the secretary write Messrs Mayne and Hawke and enquire whether they wish to retain their positions as trustees.
11. That on Sundays funerals should take place not later than three o'clock.


Trustee Minute

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