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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 26-11-1928.

The Annual Meeting of Trustees held in the Council Schoolroom on Monday, November 26th, 1928.

Present : Messrs F. Dawe, F. Williams, J. Stephens, H. Dawe, J. Mitchell, A. J. Philipps, D. Pearce, A.T. Cock, W. Bray, C. Crowle, A. Lampey, F. Tucker, R.J. Cowling, J. Heard, T. Hawke, and L. Skentlebery.
Mr F. Dawe was elected chairman.
1. That the balance sheet be passed.
2. That Mr Hambly's account be passed.
3. That Mr Skentlebery be re-elected secretary.
4. That Mr J. Stephens be re-elected treasurer.
5. That the working committee be re-elected.
6. That Mr Williams see the county education secretary at Truro, and complain of the damage done to the cemetery by the schoolchildren.
7. That the upkeep of the cemetery including be cutting of the grass be kept in the hands of the trustees.
8. That the burial fee be raised to eight shillings.
9. That the sexton be authorised to charge 12/- for digging a single grave and 14/- for a double grave.
10. That the price of a freehold grave be 15/- for purchasers within the parish, and 1 for purchasers without the parish.
11. That the sexton be paid 2-10-0 for cutting the grass.
12. That Mr Phillips, Mr Pearce and the secretary make arrangements for a concert.


Trustee Minute

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