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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 17-11-1230

And the all Meeting of Trustees held November 17th 1930.

Present : Messrs J. Stephens, S. Whiting, A. J. Philipps, D. Pearce, L. Skentlebery, C. Crowle, J. Mitchell and RJ Cowling.
Mr John Stephens was elected chairman.
1. That the minutes of the last meeting be signed.
2. That the secretary ask the police constable kindly to assist the schoolmaster in preventing the schoolchildren from running over the cemetery.
3. That the balance sheet be passed.
4. That the working committee and officers be re-elected.
5. That Mr Hambly be asked to carry out the necessary repairs to the chapel roof.
6. That chairman call the schoolmaster's attention to the dumping of ashes into the cemetery.


Trustee Minute

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