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Trustee minutes

Trustee minutes for: 24-11-1931.

The annual meeting of Trustees held in the Schoolroom Tuesday evening, November 24th, 1931.

Present : Messrs J. Stephens, AT Cock, C. Crowle, RJ Cowling, D. Pearce, A. Lampey, A. J. Philipps and L. Skentlebery.
Mr J. Stephens was elected chairman.
Apologies for absence were received from Messrs F. Dawe, F. Williams, J. Mitchell and G. Hall.
1. That Mr Philipps be member of the working committee in place of Mr Dawe -resigned on account of health.
2. That the balance sheet be passed.
3. That the treasurer and secretary be re-elected.
4. That Mr Watkins be Sexton in place of Mr Sandercock.
5. That 1 be granted to new sexton for the purpose of cleaning up the cemetery.
6. That a letter be sent to Mr Sandercock, thanking him for his services and wishing him a speedy and complete recovery from his illness.
7. That the secretary examine the service book and excise the offensive remark complained of.


Trustee Minute

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